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Cranach The Foundation has its origins in a citizens' initiative. November 7, 1989 was the city in the prayers for peace to save the haunts of the famous Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach d. Ä in the churches. Check-in Schloßstr.1 and the market 4 in Wittenberg. From the citizens' initiative then a sponsor organization that raised funds for the project and called in September 1994, the Cranach Foundation to life, which was registered in December 1994 in Dessau as a civil law foundation founded.

The Cranach Foundation has sought in the many years of shared ministry with the city, the state of Saxony Anhalt and the Federal Government to the gradual, careful renovation of the Cranach-houses. During the years of construction, she organized many cultural events that made visible the future concept of art and Communication Centre. Since 1994, a painting school for children, exhibitions on the life and work of painter Cranach family and gallery space with works of contemporary art.

The funding of a foundation is formed from the interest income of the endowment. The endowment of the Cranach Foundation is not large enough to fund the content design of the projects and the structural maintenance every year, so we have to rely on the support of donations in our work. The Association and its members will by membership dues and other donations, the versatile work of Cranach Foundation. The state of Saxony Anhalt, the city and the county Wittenberg participate with 17% of the total financing of the cultural work of Cranach Foundation.
Guests may also make you help with a donation for maintenance of workplace Lucas Cranach.

Donations Cranach Foundation Account Number: 434 Bank code: 80 55 01 01 Sparkasse Wittenberg

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