Association of Cranach-Courtyards Wittenberg e.V.

For the social upheaval of the GDR from 1989 there are stories that could arise only at this time. So the history of this development association is considered. It was created from a call to the churches of Wittenberg on November 7, 1989, before the opening of the Wall.
Wittenberg have known about their city and wanted the project to conserve the workplace Lucas Cranach d. Ä. and d. J. support in word and deed, with donations and volunteering. For such a task, it needs a structure and in a moment, where just all the usual structures of society collapsed. The call for rescue of Cranach yards in the churches an active group was created, the created in January 1990, a constitution and then district court for registration filed as a foundation Cranach courtyards. From the social confusions out the registration was slow in coming – a Foundation Act there was not at that time in the GDR.
So this initiative the first club in Wittenberg as a foundation Cranachhöfe eV addition to regular actions in the public were sought and developed contacts with the city, developed the first cultural activities that were started between the dilapidated houses.
Donations were further collected, so that one day establishing a foundation would be required for a foundation capital. In September 1994, the Cranach Foundation could be established by the Friends. The association is still an important partner for the Foundation’s work and support with its membership fees and financially the comprehensive cultural work.
Become a member of Friends of this! Give through your contribution or volunteer work that these lovingly restored monuments are well maintained and has a lively cultural life offer for the region, but also nationally with the painting school, with the gallery or variety of activities such as lectures, musical events and festivals on the courtyards.